All Good – March 2016

All Good – March 2016
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5 Easy Ways To Exercise And Avoid The Gym
By Jon Allo
How to Have a Happy Easter
By Holly Primo
This Is How You Make Blogging More Fun!
By Federico Zen
Creative Play – The Thrift Store Play Room
By Rose Henry
Lovely Links
Words Of Wisdom
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5 Easy Ways To Exercise And Avoid The Gym
By Jon Allo
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If you want to lose weight loss, you have to eat a health diet
and burn off the calories you have eaten. But that doesn’t
mean that you have to force yourself to get up to the gym
every morning before work or come home from work feeling
totally worn out to them and head off to yet another
cardiovascular exercise class.

If you find that you’ve always got something more appealing
to do than a workout routine here are 5 easy ways to exercise
so you don’t have to go to the gym.

1. Walking

Walking is an easy way to exercise and get rid of those extra
pounds. Why not be a tourist in your own city or town and walk
around all the popular destinations? You can even enroll in a
walking tour. Walking on a surface that offers some resistance
will burn more calories, like walking on sand. If the weather is
too hot or it’s raining, you can walk around the mall and even
do a little window shopping along the way!

2. Swimming

Swimming is one of the best exercises that help lose weight
as it mixes cardiovascular exercise with a strength workout.
It’s also a fun and easy way to exercise with your family as
you can all to it together and stay healthy at the same time.

3. Cycling

Riding a bike to work or for fun is a great way to lose weight
and keep your body healthy. It works your legs, your core and
your arms. It also eliminates the need to spend hours in the
gym before or after work, which saves you saves you time and
money. You can also hire a stationary bike from your local
health shop and cycle without ever having to leave home.

4. Dancing

Dancing is great fun and doesn’t feel like exercise. You can
dance at home or you can choose to join a club or take dance
classes. The point is that if you make exercising something
that you look forward to doing, you’re more likely to stick
with it than if you view it as something you have to do that
you don’t want to do.

5. Home Workouts

Some people like the regime of going to a gym at a set time
each day for their workout. But many don’t have the time, the
budget nor the desire to do so. There are many great products
on the market that make exercising from home easy and effective.
You can find a wide selection of workout DVDs that can help
you lose weight and get toned.

For more information on the best exercise programs, fitness
motivation, nutritional tips and a FREE guide on how to burn
belly fat daily please visit

Article Source:
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How to Have a Happy Easter
By Holly Primo
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What are your favorite Easter memories from your childhood?
Hunting for Easter eggs? Chomping down on marshmallow peeps?
Biting the ears off your Easter bunnies?

Or maybe the most magical part was the preparation: painting
those eggs, and anticipating the candy you’d get. The Easter
basket, with green grass and chocolate bunnies…maybe a stuffed
chick or even a real duckling!

I’m sure you’d like to recreate some of those fond memories
for your family and especially your kids. So here are a few
tips to help you make that happen.

For many families, Easter is about their faith, but that won’t
stop anyone from enjoying Easter egg hunts and Easter candy
as a secular celebration. Easter is a day of joy, and the
colorful eggs and accessories of traditional Easter serve to
enhance that sense of joy in the essence of Spring and rebirth.

For kids, or course, some of the appeal of Easter lies in the
fact that it is yet another holiday where they expect to get
lots of chocolates, candies, and other treats. And for the
purposes of this report, we’ll focus on the fun aspects of
Easter, along with its joyousness. You can have a happy Easter,
celebrating Springtime and its beauty and freedom, without
focusing entirely on sugary stuff.

Easter is a Family Affair

Families vary in how they like to celebrate Easter. So you
get to pick just how you’d like to celebrate. But in spite
of the individual differences, there are a lot of themes in
common as well. Here are some of the standard ingredients:

a) Treats

Easter is (for many folks) about treats…and key among the
treats are Easter eggs. It’s not Easter unless lots of eggs
are tucked into the basket, along with a variety of other candy.
And about those eggs… there are so many different kinds,
from chocolate eggs with and without filling, candy eggs,
marshmallow eggs, and yes, even hard-boiled eggs that have
been decorated brightly to add to the cheer.

Peeps, preferably in various shapes and colors, are a must as
well, as are jelly beans, which really look like miniature eggs.

Some families even have their own special baked goods for Easter,
which can range from special breads to cookies to fancy cakes
with colorful Easter decorations. My mother used to bake each
of us a cake in the shape of either Easter bunnies and Easter
lambs! Some years, she let us pick which one we wanted.

b) Parades

If there’s an Easter parade in town or even nearby, be sure to
take the kids, and snap plenty of pictures. If you go, you should
be sure to get (or create) some special Easter bonnets for everyone,
as there are often competitions for the best Easter bonnet at
these events.

For example, Richmond, Virginia, has a special Easter parade, fittingly
called “Easter on Parade,” that turns Monument Avenue, a gorgeous
tree-lined Avenue with beautiful old homes and monuments into a
temporary playground for Richmond’s citizens, who wander up and down,
showing off their bonnets — and their decorated dogs. There are contests
for best bonnets, both for humans and for their canine friends.

Meanwhile, there’s music playing all along the Avenue, and
lots of fancy crafts as well as yummy goodies are for sale.
There are also games for kids. Parades like this one can make
for very special memories.

Children always love Egg Hunts, which many towns, villages
or institutions will organize on Easter weekend, so if you
have a chance to take the kids to an Egg Hunt near where you
live, they’ll have a blast. If not, you can always hide eggs
and candies tucked into colorful plastic eggs around the house
or outside in the garden, weather-permitting.

Getting ready for Easter: Painting Easter Eggs

One of the most cherished Easter traditions, other than
actually getting and eating the candy, involves painting Easter eggs.

You have two options: You could paint hard-boiled eggs and then
eat them later, or you could remove the eggs’ contents and paint
the shells to use for decorations.

In fact, you may want to do both. You can always make a brunch
frittata from the contents of the hollowed-out eggs, and then
use them to create pretty center pieces once you’ve painted them.

In order to create those centerpieces, you could simply get
Easter baskets and arrange the eggs prettily in the “grass.”
Or you could get a few branches, either with or without leaves,
and decorate them with your colorfully painted egg shells. Of
course there are plenty of additional possibilities, from
creating a mobile and hanging it from the ceiling, to decorating
a wreath with eggs and displaying it on the front door or in
the hallway.

The painted hard-boiled eggs, on the other hand, will be part
of the Easter baskets meant for consumption, and they can also
be hidden for the Easter egg hunt. Just make sure the kids
find them all, or else you’ll have some mighty foul odors
coming from their hiding places a few weeks down the road.

So how can you color your eggs? Once you have your “canvas”
prepared, the process is easy.

First, you need to decide whether you want to give your eggs a
solid color base. If so, you can color them in a bath of food color.

Next, you get some special Easter egg decorating tools, and
paint away. It’s entirely up to you whether you want to create
a designer work of art, geometric shapes, or little bunny images.
You can also incorporate stickers and special Easter egg “tattoos.”
If you are coloring eggs with your kids, encourage their creativity,
and above all, have fun!

Getting Ready for Easter: Shopping for Candy

It seems that every year there are more options. It’s hard to
decide what to get anymore.

A few decades ago, the choices were pretty clear. There were
chocolate Easter bunnies, chocolate eggs, candy eggs, basic
yellow marshmallow peeps, jelly beans, and those Cadbury cream eggs.

Now, the selection has grown in every direction.

Where there were only yellow chick peeps, peeps now come in a
range of colors, including pink, blue, and purple. There are also
bunnies in various electric colors. And yes, you can even buy
sugar-free peeps for those of us who must avoid eating sugar.

Next, you can select from a huge range of other candy in all
sorts of shapes and sizes, from egg-shaped candies with creamy
fillings in strawberry, raspberry, and coconut flavor, just for

And then, you can get Easter bunnies and related critters in
all sizes, from pocket size all the way to bunnies big enough
to dwarf your toddler.

Some of the smaller chocolate bunnies also come with fillings,
from marshmallow to peanut butter and more.

How do you select the ones your kids will enjoy most? You can
ask them, take them shopping with you, get one of each and
take notes for the coming year, or buy a really big Easter
basket so you can fit in a huge assortment of the options.

Speaking of baskets — the choice will also depend on whether
you’re going to compose the baskets yourself, or whether you’re
going to give the kids baskets filled with fake grass that
they will fill as they hunt down their goodies all over the
house — or garden.

Be sure to hold a few items back in case the outcome of the hunt
is too uneven, so you can sneak a few extra eggs into the “loser’s”
basket to avoid tears.

It’s Not ALL About Food! What Else Can You Put In An Easter Basket?

Some parents may shudder at the thought of the Halloween-like
candy overload that could result from Easter baskets limited
to edible treats. So what else could you include?

Just about anything you like, really, as long as the kids will
enjoy it.

From CDs to games to books, to cute little notebooks, pens,
and erasers, you could really include anything that would make a
good stocking stuffer. It’s just that for Easter, it will go
inside a basket.

You could even include small clothing items or accessories,
from socks to hair decorations, jewelry, and more.

And don’t forget gifts for the parents and friends. Here, you
definitely don’t have to restrict yourself to bunnies and candy,
though feel free to include them, along with a choice piece of
jewelry, a new watch, or a neat new electronic gadget and even
new earphones in Easter-egg colors.

And of course, no one has decreed that all the bunnies have to be
edible. Some kids will enjoy soft toy bunnies that will be their pals
for months and even years to come.

Preparing an Easter Feast

There are no real rules for what to serve for an Easter feast.
Unlike Thanksgiving, Easter doesn’t usually call for Turkey.
Instead, many families prepare a big ham, or rack of lamb,
or maybe a rib roast. But it’s really up to you what you
and your family enjoy – a vegetarian brunch might suit you better.

Instead of including a recipe here, I’d like to encourage you
to prepare your family favorites. There is something very
comforting in gathering around the traditional feast each year.

When it comes to desserts though, feel free to get creative and
include some new elements or decorations. Unless you have a
favorite dessert that’s an absolute must-have.

What To Do About All Those Hard-Boiled Eggs After Easter?

It’s actually kind of funny that there are basically three
kinds of eggs that make up the Easter repertoire: chocolate
eggs, candy eggs, and hard-boiled eggs.

And of course we won’t have to worry about what to do about
the first two categories — they’d keep for weeks, if necessary.
But it’s not likely that they survive that long.

Instead, it’s the hard-boiled eggs. Once the novelty of the
decorations has worn off, there are bound to be left-overs
in baskets around the house.

So gather them up and incorporate them into your meals.

Here are a few ideas for what to do with all those eggs:

a) Deviled eggs

Cut them in half, mix up the yolks with your favorite combination
of mustard, mayo, relish, and your favorite spices, and fill them
back into the egg white halves. Serve chilled.

b) Sliced eggs as sandwich toppings

Just slice your eggs and use them to top sandwiches.

c) Egg salad

Chop up the eggs, mix with mayo, mustard, and onions, or anything
else you’d like to include, and serve as a dip or on sandwiches.

d) Other salads

You can also serve them chopped up on chef salads and in potato
salads. You can combine egg slices with spinach and make a hot
dressing. Just get creative!

There’s no limit to what you can do. Take the ideas I suggested and
build on them. Consider your family’s preferences and be sure to
get everybody’s favorites, but also add a few potential new favorites
to the mix.

Most of all, have fun, and have a very happy Easter!

Holly Primo lives in beautiful New Mexico with her family of
five, working from home as a virtual assistant. She is a writer
and photographer who especially enjoys creating websites for
holiday decorating, cooking and personalized gifts year round.
Visit for more great Easter
fun ideas.

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This Is How You Make Blogging More Fun!
By Federico Zen
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Let’s face it; blogging can be very time-consuming
and sometimes very frustrating. Now is the time to
spice things up a bit and add some fun to your blog.

Here are some thoughts:

There is no blog police – you can blog about what you
want to blog about. Of course its best not to get too
far away from your niche, but it’s okay to make a variation
on a topic or make controversy if that suits you, or even
better, be humorous!

If your schedule is quite rigid and your blog is getting
you down, throw it out the window. Remember, there is
no blog police. With the relief you’ll get from setting
it aside, now you will have fun writing!

Challenge yourself. Yes, it can be fun if you challenge
yourself with something that’s related to your blog. Write
one chapter for your Kindle book each day. Oh yeah, blog
about it and get others involved for the fun of making it
viral with their comments.

Hold a contest on your blog. People like to win prizes
and it will be fun for you to give them something free,
like an eBook, free training or a free subscription to
your newsletter.

Lighten up on your self-imposed rigid blogging rules and
you’ll find your creativity and sense of fun come back.

Writing the content for your blog post is fun but can take
all your attention and focus, but that’s not all there is to
it. Before you hit the post button, check all the areas that
you missed.

Did you remember to… Review & proofread? Add your tags,
maybe the most used tags? Fill in the All the SEO section?
Make sure that your links work? Preview it to make sure
formatting looks good? Add a featured image? Write the alt
tag of the image? Check that the sharing settings are OK?
Edit the sharing custom message?

Your goal is to complete your check list before you hit
the post button. Figure out what you missed before your
readers or they will find some of it for you.

A calendar for your blog is a great way to get organized
when it comes to your blogging essays. If you’ve never tried
one before, try it now and you’ll be stunned.

1. Your blogging calendar should have a mix of information,
anchor posts, promotions, case studies, interviews, guest posts,
valuable stuff, etc. When you list your topics on the calendar,
also note how it’s going to follow (promo, case study, etc.)

2. The idea is that you should do what you have listed on
your calendar.

3. Look back when at the end of the month and analyze what
worked well and what didn’t. You can draw conclusions based
on comments, shares, sales, affiliate sales, etc.

A blogging calendar is the start, but actually doing the posts
and analyzing what worked well will move your blog forward.

Happy blogging!

Federico Z.

PS: Sign up and Get a Free Report:

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Creative Play – The Thrift Store Play Room
By Rose Henry
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A trip to the local thrift shop can turn into a huge haul
of creative play items for only a few dollars. Often, the
best toys cost little or no money when it comes to allowing
your child to use their imagination. One of the most important
objects in your playroom should be a “dress-up” chest.

The second hand store is a great place to find unique and
imaginative pieces to add to the make-believe treasure chest.
The first place I head for is the bargain bin. That is the
place where you find all of the stuff that no one wants to
buy and you can usually find items there for pennies. Since
your child is only going to be playing with these items and
not wearing them on the street, it does not matter how gaudy
or ugly (in a fashion sense) the items are. Actually, the
gaudier the better as far as kids are concerned.

You can find silly hats, shoes and clothing in this area that
are perfect for playing pretend. The clothes should be
large enough for your little one to put on and take off
easily on their own. Old t-shirts and dresses are great,
if you choose clothing that has fasteners, be prepared to
do a lot of buttoning and zipping for them if they cannot
do this on their own.

Old Halloween costumes are also a great buy at thrift shops
as well as old dance costumes. Old prom dresses and wedding
veils will make your little girl into a princess or fairy
in the blink of an eye during play time.

Once you have fully explored the clothing section, head on
over to the jewelry section and load up on all of the gaudy
beads and accessories you can find. Scarves are also a good
addition as they can be used in a variety of ways during pretend

Now, head on over to the toy section. Puppets, art supplies,
and good used toys can often be found as someone donates the
toys that their child has outgrown. High quality toys always
outlast the children and you can sometimes really luck out
on finding some big ticket items for a fraction of the cost.

If you make the outing to the second hand store a monthly event
with your children, they will always have an endless supply of
creative play items and you will not need to feel guilty about
the money you spend because it will be peanuts.

If you are looking for high quality toys that encourage child
growth and development visit [].
Creative play and physical activity are the only ways your little
one will develop the necessary skills to reach their milestones
in development and become a more socially aware and well-rounded
individual. Give the gift of play!

Article Source:


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Lovely Links
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The 36 Best Irish Movies

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Alice In Wonderland Shadow Box

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Jamie Oliver Easter Treats Recipes

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Find more Easter Lovely Links here:

Decorating Advice For Your Astrology Sign

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Vintage Fashion Guild

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101 E-mail Etiquette Tips

Excellent guide to creating courteous and concise emails that convey information in an easy to read, easy to understand format.  There are tips for personal and business email exchanges, tips on using the To, From, CC, BCc, RR and Subject lines correctly, and also tips for posting on social media or forums.


Finding Vegan

Comprehensive collection of vegan recipes submitted by bloggers, so a brilliant way to find new foods and new vegan blogs too. Also community forum, ebooks and app. A home for vegan recipes.

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Words Of Wisdom
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In Ireland the inevitable never happens and the unexpected
constantly occurs.
Sir John Pentland Mahaffy.

There is no language like the Irish for soothing and quieting.
John Millington Synge

St. Patrick’s Day is an enchanted time – a day to begin transforming
winter’s dreams into summer’s magic.

There are only two kinds of people in the world, the Irish and
those who wish they were.

Ireland is rich in literature that understands a soul’s yearnings,
and dancing that understands a happy heart.
Margaret Jackson.

Find more Irish Quotations and Sayings here.

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That’s all for this month.
Have a marvellous March!