App Advice

Best paid and free apps in many categories reviewed and ready to jump into your iPhone or iPad. Sleep aid apps, navigation, password keepers, calorie counters, stargazing, education, adult and children’s games, budgeting, drawing, photography, to do lists and much more to keep you organised, connected and entertained.


Get Safe Online

Expert advice on choosing strong passwords, mobile banking, smartphone and tablet security, safeguarding children online, plus staying aware of scams and cyber crime, social network security and internet dating safety advice.


101 E-mail Etiquette Tips

Excellent guide to creating courteous and concise emails that convey information in an easy to read, easy to understand format.  There are tips for personal and business email exchanges, tips on using the To, From, CC, BCc, RR and Subject lines correctly, and also tips for posting on social media or forums.



The web site of a great magazine for gadget reviews and in depth tech advice. Top 10’s of Smartphones, Smartwatches, Cameras, Tablets and TV’s, plus features, competitions, app and game reviews.


Using The Watercolour Design Trend On Your Blog

I’m sure you have spotted the pretty watercolour designs popping up on blogs all over the internet. You can find instructions here for making your own watercolour elements, blog headers, backgrounds, social media icons etc. or if you would prefer a ready made watercolour template there are links to some pretty paid themes here too.