A One Minute Mental Vacation
Wayne F. Perkins, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
How would you like to take a one-minute vacation? Do you think it can help you cope with your challenges each day?

Lets see how I can help!

The purpose of this section is for you to learn how to relax in just a few moments. When you use several of these moments during a typical work or school day, you will find very wonderful results.

Just as it takes many repetitions of angry moments or stressful periods of time during the day to build up stress. It will take many repetitions of calm and peaceful periods of time to build a perfect "mental vacation."

To begin this vacation you may want to print these directions out and then either read them aloud to yourself or read them into a recording device.
When you read them to yourself or into a device, picture yourself relaxing very deeply while you give yourself these suggestions.
Whenever you see the following symbol, ....., this will signal you to pause as you read or talk to yourself.
Pause from 20 to 30 seconds at first. After you are finding yourself relaxing very deeply, you may want to change your pause to just three or four seconds.

Are you ready? Lets see how much we can really relax using this technique.

My Vacation Begins!

I will begin the relaxation process by focusing in my mind on a place where I always have total peace..... It may be resting beside a stream or a lake.... it may be watching the waves on the ocean....
It may be a scene high up in the mountains.... or it may be in the comfort of my own bed.
Whatever I place in my mind I use for my vacation. The image I find will be the correct one.

As I think about this scene.... my body is relaxing, deeply relaxing.... All of my muscles are going loose, and limp, and perfectly relaxed.
Each and every deep breath that I take is relaxing me deeply. Nothing will disturb me during my vacation. If an emergency happens, I know I can respond very quickly.....
My mind is keenly alert and aware, while my body relaxes, perfectly.....

I am taking a very deep breath now.....
As I inhale I notice how my chest expands to take in each cleansing breath. As I exhale, I notice how all of the tension leaves my lungs.....
I feel good, I feel fine, I feel perfectly and completely, relaxed..... Nothing will disturb me.
Each and every breath that I take is assisting me in relaxing deeply, soundly and perfectly.

I am thinking about a place that is very relaxing.....
As I firmly picture that place in my mind, my body relaxes perfectly.
All of my cares are just drifting away.
I may feel myself relaxing in this very calm and peaceful place. I feel and see and hear and smell this scene of deep, relaxation.
All of my cares are drifting away. I know I can always bring them back when I want to, but I prefer to let them drift away.....
As my cares are drifting away..... My body relaxes deeply, soundly and perfectly.....
When I go to bed tonight, I will sleep soundly as well.
I will let all the tension of the day drift off into space.

Now I am ready to emerge from this wonderful state of mind.
Whatever was bothering me before this session will cease to bother me at all.
Whenever I use this exercise, I will find myself relaxing very quickly and very deeply.
At the count of three, I will emerge from this condition. One..... Two.....Three..... I am wide awake..... alert..... and feeling good in every way!

How are you feeling? I hope you are feeling great. This exercise may take you three to five minutes initially. Read this script into a tape recorder or other recording device. Use it any time you desire. The best time to beat stress is before it has a chance to take hold. Use this exercise before entering those stressful periods of the day. This will make it harder for stress to take hold. Then, use it while going through periods of stress. Finally, use it just after a stressful period. Once you practice this exercise, you will be able to relax in just about a minute.

Five or ten strategically placed "mental vacations," will vastly improve your life.

Read the above "prescription" into your recording equipment before you embark in the relaxation exercise. It helps to write down your prescription on a piece of paper or an index card and read it over several times before you listen to your relaxation.. This will allow your thoughts to focus on a positive outcome or change. Change that you are really inviting in your life is what you are focusing on.

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